BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a person's person

(Written on May 24, 2011. Medical City)

For hours, I sat there and endured the freezing temperature in the emergency room of a private hospital. The beds, covered with green sheets were all filled up. The nurses and orderlies were busy and the phone just kept ringing. The only doctor on duty looked as stressed out as someone about to perform an open heart surgery.

On one of the bunk beds, I noticed an old man lying helpless under the green sheets. An old lady sat beside him, caressing his gray hair. On another bed, a mother was closely watching over her son who at that time was vomiting endlessly.

Two long-haired teeny boppers in short shorts and dainty slippers entered the room looking for someone. They were looking for their father.

As for me, I was there waiting for the results of a CT scan.

All of us patients were waiting for something, one way or another -- the result of a test, the doctor's word, a nurse's attention or an operation.

Most of us were there with someone -- a child, a parent, a loved one, a friend, a life partner -- A person's person. They are there for you no matter what and they will stand by you, beside you and with you no matter what. It is in these times that you will especially feel the presence of your person.

Because this is the beauty of the human spirit and the human soul. When it comes to caring for loved ones, there are no boundaries, no limits. Love and compassion are larger than life itself.