BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Monday, December 17, 2012

Behind the Yellow Line

There's no lack of stories behind the yellow line, while sleep-deprived passengers endure the slow service of a budget airline and wait for their turn to check in.

A young woman has had four miscarriages in Japan, no thanks to stress.

What does she do for a living? Oh, she kust keeps the house in order, 24/7 while Japanese hubby brings home the money.

She is home in the Philippines to seek help from a hilot in her hometown. Can't leave fate to chance anymore after losing four. Japanese doctors aren't reliable, she says.

Another passenger just arrived from Syria. Her employer has lost her house to a bomb explosion. They were lucky to be out of the house at the time.

She left soon after and took refuge at the Philippine embassy, along with hundreds of fellow domestic helpers.

The "good" President Noynoy has given them free tickets home.

There is a man bound to Gen San. He wants another child but his wife does not.

An OFW is covered with a heavy make-up shade of pink, to cover the sorrows of her heart perhaps.

Her mother just passed away and members of her family here in Manila kept the news of her death from her.

"But that's life, there has gotta to be some drama," she says, her voice concealing the pain.