BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar moments

Watching Kate Winslet and Sean Penn in one of their finest moments in life was such a treat. Wow. I enjoyed listening to Winslet's passionate speech. She was overflowing with happiness and pride and love for her work. I especially liked the part when she thanked her mom and dad.

I liked Penn's speech which mentioned his work, gay rights and his desire for a better world.

The Oscars, as Penelope Cruz said, unites the whole world. She just might be true. I and many others I know were glued to the television set that night. It's always good to see moments such as the Oscars.

I think of my own little Oscar moments. I know I'll never be able to win an Oscar but I treasure those sweet experiences that make life worth living -- receiving a recognition for my work for the first time -- winning a slot in a journalism program abroad -- seeing my little darling daughter for the first time, hearing her first word and watching her dance to Beethoven's Pathetique.

I know that life isn't perfect but there are many, many perfect moments.

I hope there will be more. As Kate Winslet said, it's ok to dream about it as she did when she was eight years old.