BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my life in a backpack

Brussels, BELGIUM - Right here, right now where the sun is out, musicians are playing in the plaza and the smell of magic leaves is wafting in the crisp air, I've got only my life in a backpack. Traveling again. I'm here for the 2010 European Blogging Competition . It's not easy to be away from home but there are times just like this one when I have to. It is an honor to have been selected to participate in an event like this. I am excited with all the stories I have to work on.

I've come to accept that my life is in a backpack and that I always have to come and go. My home has become where my feet takes me. I hope my daughter understands all of this one day. She will always be in my backpack. I am missing you here my dear Isabel.