BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dilimania (an excerpt from Butch Dalisay's January 7 column, Philippine Star)

There’ll be a lot of stories being told about UP this whole year, and the university would like to hear yours, if you have an interesting one to share with your fellow alumni and the world at large. As part of its Centennial celebration, UP is putting together “100 Kwentong Peyups,” a series of columns which will appear in major Philippine dailies throughout the year. All past students of any of the University of the Philippines’ units are invited to submit their stories. Submissions should:

1. Be a maximum of 1,000 words;

2. Be a personal experience and written in the first person;

3. Be emotionally engaging — funny, sad, scary, etc.; and

4. Make the connection between the story and a life lesson that serves you well today.

5. If possible, please include an old photo or scanned memento.

Please include your name, college or unit and course, and year you entered UP as well as your email address. If you remember your Student Number (who doesn’t? mine’s 70-02858), that’ll be even better.

Send your submissions starting today to 100kwentongpeyups@ You’ll be notified via e-mail if your story has been selected for publication or for use in other Centennial celebrations.