BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Thursday, November 8, 2012

C' est La Vie

I enjoyed reading Rachel Alejandro's piece on the way she enjoys life. 

I couldn't agree more with her when she shared the way she spends for the "good life." Like her, I don't invest my money on those so-called essentials for the future. I live in a rented shack and make-do with a five-year old average sedan. I can even skip the ride and settle for the dusty commute if necessary.

I don't have a collection of branded shoes or clothes. I buy stuff from Divisoria and from a Korean shop inside the CCP compound. I don't have an iPad or Kindle or those fancy cameras. I just have a Blackberry (issued by the company) and a point and shoot Lumix I traded for an iPad I won.

Yes, I am stingy. And I'm also not.

I spend my hard earned money more on life experiences than material things.

I love to travel and would not hesitate to spend big to see and experience a foreign land. I marvel at breathtaking wonders of nature, strange cities, mythical temples, historical landmarks and train ridesI love the Philippines, too and have gone to the ends of the earth, at least in this country.

Aside from travel, I am a spa addict and feel no regret spending money for my weekly spa visits. Massage is one of life's simple pleasures, my reward for working (usually) hard the whole week long.

I also spend a huge chunk of money on books. The pleasure of reading a good book is priceless.

Call me stingy yes. But I don't mind. For my money, it's life's experiences that matter.

Photos of some of my stuff/places/moments. Top to bottom: Books, Java, Macau, Portugal and Palawan