BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

creative vampires*

(Or editors and bosses who suck on others’ creativity and intellect)

They’re all smiles when they talk to you.  Their smiles are stretched from ear to ear and they’re almost on their knees just to get you to say YES.

And because you need to earn a living, you give them a few hours of your invaluable time. You drive to their office, talk to them online or over coffee.

And then you do the task assigned to you. You give it your whole heart, like a passionate lover whose love knows no boundaries.

You work your ass off and burn the midnight oil because that is the only way you do things. Nothing less.

And after your opus is done, you sign and submit it – tired but happy.

Fast forward to payment time. You ask what is due you.

And what do you get? You get the runaround. Exactly like an unfaithful lover, that same person who pleaded for your services will hide from you.  You will hear all sorts of excuses.

And of course, you will be paid a measly amount if you ever get the money. And without doubt, you will get it in tranches or after a long period of time.

They’re called creative vampires. They suck on other peoples’ creativity and intellect and they think it’s A-okay.

And they're everywhere. Mr. X for instance wants to pay a lay-out artist just P5,000 for a cover design. Mr. Y, on the other hand, is offering P2,000 for a 2,000-page article. That's one peso per word! A magazine is offering P15,000 for a photo shoot in four provinces to be paid in four months. 

The horror stories can go on and on. 

As for me, I’d rather blabber about it, even with my wallet empty, than write a 1,000-page article for P1,000 pesos.

Besides, there’s always another writer, another photographer or another lay out artist stupid enough to take the job.

Now, let me have some Johnny.

"creative vampires" - quoted from Jes Aznar