BATU, Indonesia. Photo by Jes Aznar

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One night in Buenos Aires

The football stadium in Buenos Aires seemed larger than life. There is an infectious atmosphere as U2 fans gathered for the rock gods' concert.

I found myself swallowed by the crowd, embraced by the moment and swept away by Bono's magical spell.

In the final hours of that memorable evening--for almost two hours of pure magic--I found myself in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At least, that's exactly how I felt watching U2 on IMAX 3D at the SM Mall of Asia.

This cinema is capable of sucking the viewer to another universe. In my case, it was U2's concert in Buenos Aires in 2006.

“Uno, dos, tres," Bono's magnetic voice reverberated in the air. This was the start of pure rock-and-roll trance.

I'm just so glad I didn't miss it.

Kudos to directors Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington and Peter Anderson and Tom Kreuger for the cinematography. (Wikepedia).

I almost tasted the sweat on Bono's brow and nearly touched him as he reached out his arm.

The highlight of my evening was when the band sang Sunday Bloody Sunday but for others it was the Sarajevo song that made the evening.

My "one night in Argentina" could not have been any better.